Three Life Lessons

Three Life Lessons

Three Life Lessons From Web Development


Three lessons to be learned from the web development community that you can use in everyday life!

The web development community might not be the first place you would consider looking when searching for inspiration for daily life. However, this rapidly growing community of developers, designer, and project managers has a lot of great values that can and should be implemented into your professional and daily life.

1. Share your knowledge

From free development tools to educational blogs, the web development community excels at sharing knowledge, often for free. Beginner to advanced developers can often find tools or information to help solve their problems by simply asking other members of the community. There are also many websites dedicated sharing information about web development.

This passing of knowledge allows the community to grow to keep up with the ever increasing demand for web development. It also creates opportunities, as those who may not be able to afford classes or seminars can learn just as much through the community.

2. Push your boundaries

By nature, the web development community is filled with creative problem solvers. Current technology is constantly used in creative ways to solve problems they were not initially meant to solve. If a solution can’t be found with current technology, it is seen as a challenge and opportunity to build something new.

By each member of the community pushing the boundaries of what is possible it allows the whole community to continuously grow and evolve. Resulting in new functionalities, better designs, and more accessibility.

3. Never stop learning

As technology continues to evolve and improve, web development standards and expectations evolve with it. This forces individuals in the web development community to adapt and grow, or be left behind. Furthermore, web development has many areas of specialties, but it is becoming more and more expected that each individual has knowledge of each speciality. This pushes individuals to learn new skills in addition to developing current ones.

It’s difficult to keep up with new technology and design standards while learning about other areas of web development, but it prevents stagnation from the community and provides each individual the ability to do more.

These three lessons can be seen practiced in many professional communities, however the web development community excels in implementation. Challenge yourself and see if you can apply these lessons to your professional field or to your everyday life.