Sens Zenith

Sens Zenith

An online presentation builder built on WordPress to assist the Ottawa Senators’ sales team with their pitches.


Ottawa Senators


03/01/2018 - 05/28/2018

What we did

Web Design, WordPress

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What they wanted

The Ottawa Senators sales team wanted a tool to quickly and easily make presentations to use during their pitches. To keep all presentations consistent and avoid wasting time with design, they wanted a locked down template that gave users limited customization abilities. Furthermore, each member of the sales team needed to have access to the tool.


What we did

We decided to build the tool on WordPress. We choose to do this for a few reasons.

  1. Allows admin to easily manage users
  2.  Is web based so can be accessed from anywhere
  3. Allows sales reps to send presentation links to their clients

Even though it was built as a website, we wanted it to look and feel like a slideshow presentation. To do this we made each slide take up the full screen, removed the scrollbar, and made scrolling or pressing the mouse arrows navigate the presentation to the next slide. Using Advanced Custom Fields, we built the back end to be component based. Basically, the user has a list of pre-designed slide templates that can be added to the presentation. These templates includes…

  • Intro
  • Single & Double Text Columns
  • Three Images
  • Mosaic Gallery
  • Half Image / Half Text
  • YouTube Embed
  • YouTube Embed in Scene