MarTer Jewelry

MarTer Jewelry

A website to display the jewelry made by MarTer Jewelry. Pulls catalog information from the company's Etsy account.


MarTer Jewelry


01/10/2018 - 01/20/2018

What we did

Photography, Web Design, Web Development

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Client’s Requests

Our client runs a handmade jewelry business and wanted a website to display her products. However, as she already had an Etsy storefront, she didn’t want to have to update here Etsy page and her own website. Furthermore, she wanted the website to be mobile friendly, and have a contact from.

In addition, she also wanted some photos taken of her workplace and of her jewelry being worn on a model.

Our Work

We designed a clean website to allow the main focus to be on the jewelry. We also integrated design elements chosen by the client.

Using the Etsy API, we pulled our client’s Etsy store to populate the website. Now every time her Etsy store is updated, her website will be automatically updated with it. This allows for her to easily update the categories and products displayed on her website.

For imagery, we ran a photo session with a hired model. We also, visited the client’s workshop to take pictures of her manufacturing process.