LinkedIn Local

LinkedIn Local

Pat & Matt Creative were approached by the organizer of LinkedIn Local February 2018 to design the presentation for the event.


LinkedIn Local Ottawa


02/20/2018 - 02/28/2018

What we did

Graphic Design, Presentation design

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Our Work

The organizer wanted the slides to be clean, professional, and to represent the Ottawa LinkedIn community. Furthermore, the content on the slides had to be informative but designed in such a way that they did not distract the audience from the speaker.

Unable to use the LinkedIn logo, we decided to use LinkedIn’s blue to create our colour pallet. This allowed the audience to easily associate the presentation with the LinkedIn Local brand, even without the logo.

To make the designs clean and professional we opted for a white background with either dark blue or light grey text. Furthermore, all images displayed over the white background were converted into black and white to avoid clashing colours, while enhancing the professional feel.