Crew Watch

Crew Watch

Crew Watch is a revolutionary timing and coaching application that significantly simplifies and speeds up the process of calculating and distributing time trial or race results.


Crew Watch


01/01/2018 - Pres.

What we did

App Development, Graphic Design, Web Design, Database Development

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About the Project

Both of the Pat & Matt Creative Co-Founds have been involved in the sport of rowing for a number of years, as both athletes and coaches. During this time they have realized that there is a common frustration amongst coaches and athletes for the method of calculating and distributing time trial and race results.

Pat & Matt Creative decided to solve this problem by designing and developing an app to speed up and simplify the time trial result process.

The Technology

The app is was developed using hybrid app technology, specifically React Native. This is a framework that allows development with JavaScript, but renders as a native app.

A PHP database is being used to run the back-end of the app. An API is currently being developed to sync the back-end and front-end. This also allows for the majority of the apps functionality to be server-side, reducing battery drain and reducing slowing down the device.