Crew Watch Update

Crew Watch Update

Crew Watch is now available!


Pat and I have both been involved in rowing for a long time, as both athletes and coaches. One common problem that we kept running into through the years was how long it took us to get the results of our weekly time trials. As years passed we realized it wasn’t just athletes who were frustrated with this process.

My father was one of the head coaches of my rowing club, and often responsible for calculating the results. Over the years I have witnessed first hand the amount of time he wasted putting times into an excel sheet to calculate results. As a volunteer coach, it was not something that he enjoyed doing over over the weekend, but would be forced to as eager athletes were always itching to see their results on our Saturday morning 2ks.

After talking to other programs about their timing process we realized that there must be a better way. We played around with the idea of fancy excel sheets and other methods, but nothing quite was able to achieve what we were looking for. Then one day while talking at regatta, Pat and I decided that we would build and app that solved this timing process while also allowing coaches and athletes to manage crews and track result data. With live results, individual profiles, and more features on the way, Crew Watch hopes to become the ultimate tool for coaches and athletes.

We have recently launched the app and are trying to build exposure. Please share this post if you support what we’re doing.

If you want more information on the app you can visit